Up For Change

The above logo and stationery design are part of my university degree project, which derived from the self-made concept ''Up For Change''. The philosophy of the project is to promote and therefore to encourage activism for human rights and the environment. The project is in the form of a free leaflet. It is funded by advertising content on the folder in which it is placed, as well as by the sale of its promotional products. In particular, it is a monthly leaflet in A5 size which unfolds to become A2 size. One side contains an article about the activist work of a particular person, and the other contains an artistic poster associated with their activism. The leaflet is shared on the street and through the UpForChange website, with the aim of spreading awareness and thus supporting activism and projects that serve the welfare of humanity and the environment. Also, the purpose of the posters shared with the articles is not just immediacy, but also the aesthetic satisfaction of the recipient so that he/she can be willing to decorate his/her wall with UpForChange posters. These posters are also placed in public spaces so they can be showcased to a larger audience and thus to further inform about the existence of the project.

I wanted the logo to be strong and bold so it could reflect the cause of the brand. The letter ''u'' is lifting the letter ''p'' to reflect the word ''up'' and to therefore convey the feeling of moving upwards. The purpose of the five colour variations is to reflect the word ''change''. The logo was created in Adobe Illustrator.