The Real Junk Food Project

The above designs are suggestions for promotional products for The Real Junk Food Project, a project that was founded by english chef Adam Smith. The Real Junk Food Project is one of the activist works that is promoted by UpForChange. The Real Junk Food Project was established by english chef Adam Smith in an effort to end food poverty. The non-profit organisation does this by gathering food and other produce that would otherwise be considered waste, past its use-by date, and feeding it to people in cafés where customers are encouraged to pay what they feel.

I wanted to create designs that play with typography, using the name of the project and the slogan ''feed mouths not bins''. The typography designs convey the idea of separate pieces being stuck together to create a new, satisfying whole. The style of the drawings on the mugs derives from the general style of the UpForChange leaflets. The typography designs were created in Adobe Illustrator. The drawings on the mugs were initially drawn by hand. Then their style was edited in Adobe Illustrator and their colours were edited in Adobe Photoshop.