The above brand concept and products include my MA project. ‘‘Physi mas’’ is Greek for ‘‘our nature’’. Physimas is a Greek souvenir brand based on the island of Crete, the largest island in Greece. It aims to preserve the endangered wildlife found on the island (also found in other areas of Greece) and the dying craft of traditional Cretan folk weaving and embroidery. It does this by creating storytelling imagery of the endangered animals within the practice of the craft, to produce beautiful and distinct textile souvenirs. The brand aims to honour the craft by taking geometric design elements found in the traditional folk textiles of the island, and applying them to its souvenirs with a contemporary twist. Also, Physimas aims to help the craft survive on the island by collaborating with professional workshops of the region. Physimas souvenirs aim to inform and educate Greek and foreign tourists visiting the island about the endangered species and the ways they can help preserve them. With every purchase of a Physimas souvenir, part of the proceeds are given by Physimas to the non-profit organizations in Greece that protect these endangered animals.

The textile designs were created in Adobe Illustrator and the brand guide was created in Adobe InDesign.